Ten Things I Like (and a few I don’t) About Windows 10
By: Jim Szymanski - 02 August 2015 - 0 Comments

Like most of the tech savvy world, I have been rocking with Windows 10 since early morning of July 29th. Well actually, much longer than that with the Windows Developer Preview. But until just

Newegg Only
By: Doug Simmons - 01 August 2015 - 0 Comments

After a long clip of consumer celibacy, I decided to hit up Newegg and splurge and drop a grand on the mother of all monitors, even though I’m already living beyond my means, according to

Reach Out And Touch Your Windows
By: Jim Szymanski - 26 July 2015 - 0 Comments

I don’t recall what year it was, maybe 2003 or 2004, but I remember watching a video of Bill Gates giving a keynote address at some event. Without the aid of props or Power

By: Danny Dodge - 19 July 2015 - 0 Comments

In the world of mobile and computing, the next big thing is always right around the corner. As soon as you buy something, or sign a contract, something bigger and better this way comes. It

Is Coding Camp a Good Thing? Answer: Not to Me
By: Dr. Jim Taylor - 07 July 2015 - 1 Comment

One of the booming trends in the ‘youth-achievement-industrial complex’ is computer coding camps (and after-school coding programs). Here is an article in which I was interviewed that discusses this new, and to me troubling,

Friday Humor
By: Walter Smyth - 26 June 2015 - Comments Off on Friday Humor

That’s right all you Apple haters out there! Add this new device to the list also! Behold the Banana Phone!

Review of SKORCH Messenger Bag
By: Kristofer Brozio - 25 June 2015 - Comments Off on Review of SKORCH Messenger Bag

Lately I’ve been reviewing a lot of batteries and sound thing, so for a change of pace how about a messenger bag? Up for review today I’ve got an inexpensive yet excellent messenger bag

How To Extend The Life Of Your Device Cables
By: Walter Smyth - 23 June 2015 - Comments Off on How To Extend The Life Of Your Device Cables

Everyone has mobile phones now and most of us are even sporting tablets and the one consistent thing for all of them is they need to be charged. If you are an Apple fan

By: Danny Dodge - 16 June 2015 - 2 Comments

The iOS vs Android debate has been an ongoing battle for several years now, in fact it’s a year and a quarter short of a decade old, yet it’s still as hot a topic as ever.

Is Google Killing Wonder?
By: Dr. Jim Taylor - 16 June 2015 - 1 Comment

What makes wonder such a powerful force? It is the wellspring from which engaged and expansive thinking emerges. Curiosity, an essential source of intellectual inquiry, is piqued. Your mental gears start turning and your